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The Most Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Day

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Roses are red–and you know the rest. Sugar is sweet, so on and so forth.

Every year on Cupid’s Day, approximately 250 million roses will be produced for the holiday, according to the Society of American Florists. With the plethora of ruby petals that floods shops annually, it can be hard to imagine handing your sweetheart anything else. However, there is no shortage of options when it comes to originality on the most romantic day of the year. We spoke with Dallas-based florist Korrin Wheeler about the best flowers for Valentine’s Day, their meanings, the most important thing to keep in mind when shopping and how to make your cut flowers last longer.


  • Best Flower for Established Relationships and Anniversaries: Hybrid Lily
  • Best Flowers for a New Romance: Ranunculus
  • Best Flowers for Friendship: Tulips
  • Most Affordable Flower: Carnations
  • Best Splurge: Orchids
  • Best Peony Look-Alike: Double Tulips
  • Best Dahlia Look-Alike: Chrysanthemums
  • Most Unconventional Flower Pairing: Sunflowers and Red Roses
  • Best Filler Flower: Snapdragon
  • Best Rose: Country Rose
  • The Show-Stopper: Anemone
  • The Unexpected Rising Star: Hydrangea
  • The Go-To Filler Flower: Peruvian Lily

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