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The More You Know…

Today’s trending is jam packed!

Key Arena is already $100 million OVER budget and it hasn’t even broken ground yet! Luckily it’s privately funded, but, seriously, $100 million over! What happens when they run into trouble trying to protect the historical roof? Sidenote, they can’t touch it, since it received historical landmark status.  The renovations are set to start mid-October, with an ambitious timeline of wrapping up in the fall of 2020. Don’t know, this is Seattle, no project finishes on time!

Americans are consuming 11 hours of media on average! How is that possible?

Wedding guests in Michigan will be seeing double this weekend when identical twins marry identical twins and share in a joint wedding reception! (man, those girls’ parents really lucked out, 2 for the price of 1!)

It’s Thank you Thursday! Find out where our crew will be and see how YOU could get FREE GAS!

Mariners falter, but they’re back at it against Canada tonight!

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