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The Hilarious Reason These Two Parrots Are In “Time Out”

The African Grey Parrot (psittacus Erithacus), Also Known As The
Photo Credit: Bigstock

Alright parrots… separate corners NOW!  5 parrots at a zoo in the U.K. have to be kept from one another because of their… wait for it… potty mouths.


O.M. Goodness… their names!  Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade and Elsie.  You’d think they’d be nothing but adorable, right?  Trick question… ’cause, sorry, I think the swearing makes them even more adorable.  Now I know they have to be kept away from kids, but still.

Reading the article I had NO idea swearing amongst parrots was so prevalent.

Now I want one… or two.  They live well into the hundreds, ya know.

Why does the back in the day movie Grumpy Old Men come to mind?