Credit: Heather Lee

The Concept of “MORE”

It was 8:15am. My friends and I were walking to our cars after cooking/serving breakfast for approx. 45 people who’d spent the night in one of our local Seattle shelters. We’ve been meeting at Roots before sunrise, once a month for a couple years and our “breakfast crew” has become one of my favorite tribes. Even when life gets busy, we still show up. Sometimes, it’s the only place we see one another. As we said our so-long’s someone asked me where I was headed. I said, “Auburn Valley Humane.” She laughed and commented that she wasn’t  surprised I was going to ANOTHER shelter that day.

I spent the drive thinking about time, activities and what I call the concept of “More.”

  • Our group only does one breakfast a month. Considering, I typically go to bed in the 1a-2a range and wake up around 8a, hearing the alarm at quarter to 5a is “early.” But, once a month? Yes, I can wake up early for a good reason once a month!
  • 3 years ago, I was visiting PAWS twice a month with our Wet Nose Wednesday program. (We film shelter pets/post video to expose them to a bigger audience and help them find their people faster.) I remember standing in the parking lot having a conversation with the shelter director. I remember telling her I wanted to figure out ways to do “More.”
  • A couple years ago, we expanded Wet Nose Wednesday to 4 shelters on a weekly rotation. Seattle Humane and R.A.S.K.C complete our current 4-shelter system.
  • Last year, we added some on-site adoption events at Carpet Liquidators with Motley Zoo & Dog Gone Seattle. I started taking the station van to the airport to do shelter transports. Also, we connected with Must Luv Boxers rescue who gave me a foster pup to walk in the Susan G. Komen, Race For The Cure.

I imagined each of [the above] moments on that hour drive from Seattle to Auburn. I thought about how it all progressed: One small addition at a time. Each occasion birthed from the desire to do “More.”

To be clear, I’m not compiling a list of some charity partners to brag about my personal or our station’s commitment to community. . .It’s just easier to recall the timeline with each milestone.

Those moments happened because each project was small: an extra hour added here, 4 hours there. . .But once I adjusted to each new edition, there was always time for one “More.”

The concept of “More” isn’t new. Dieters/trainers, students, those working to reduce debt or quit a habit know the strategy of small changes. Small changes create “More.” Over time, that can be a LOT of “More.”

I don’t believe there’s a limit to the “More.” Much like, “There’s always room for a bite of desert,” I think there’s always room for “More.”



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