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The Best Time to go to Bed

Pensive Black Woman Trying To Sleep In Bed Suffering From Insomn

The perfect time? 9:39pm while listening to WARM 106.9 of course!!! “The first step in achieving excellent sleep quality is identifying elements that may disturb your sleep like noises, lighting, or temperature. Once you understand what is interrupting your ability to get a good night of sleep, you can better create the environment and regimen that is needed to create the ideal recovery environment for you.”

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Serta Simmons Bedding for Sleep Awareness Month, the survey also explored other key factors to achieving great sleep. This includes sleeping with two pillows on a medium-support mattress and a comfortably cool room (37%).

However, preferences differ regionally, with respondents in the Northeast being more than twice as likely to prefer a warm room than their southern counterparts.

While more people prefer to sleep with some light on than in a completely dark room (36% vs. 29%), snoozing with sound on is just as common as without (34% vs. 33%). While unwinding for bed, most people take under half an hour to complete their nightly routine like brushing their teeth (45%), completing their skincare regimen (41%), and watching TV (38%).

“Our bodies crave consistency, so creating an impactful sleep routine is critically important to getting a great night of rest, which we know contributes to better health,”

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