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The Best Day and Time to Grocery Shop

Shopping Cart With Fruit Vegetable Food In Supermarket

Do you still do your shopping in store?

If you’ve ever walked into a grocery store then wanted to turn around and walk out when you saw the mob scene—all the while wondering, “How can there be no carts left?”—you may have wished you knew the secret timing for when you should shop. Many of us end up grocery shopping on the weekend by default, especially if we work from Monday through Friday, nine to five. The trouble with that is, it seems like everybody else is there at the same time.

As for which weekday is best? “The consensus for the best day to shop seems to be on Wednesday, in the morning,” Ramhold says. “New deals will be out, produce and bakery selections will be fresh, and the selection should be solid. The more time that passes, the more selection and inventory will dwindle, so by the next Tuesday, there might be certain things sold out, or just a lesser selection in general.”

Now, the only question is what you’ll do with that time on the weekend that you’re not elbowing crowds at the grocery store.

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