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The ‘Art Of Livin’

McConaughey has been hinting at a special event for the past few weeks!

(Perhaps to distract fans from his mysterious Yellowstone future), and the Texan has announced that he will be hosting a free virtual event known as “The Art Of Livin.”

Note: this is no “G” in living, but there isn’t an apostrophe either. It’s unclear what the grammar style guide is for this particular event, but that’s what makes it so mysterious and slightly terrifyin.’

The Art Of Livin will take place virtually on April 24th at 10 AM PT and is described as an “intimate one-time event to create a future you can look forward to.” There is already so much to look forward to this year, but he seems so excited about it, so we might as well let it play out.
Many are asking: Why is he doing this?

And the answer is unclear. The event will feature guest stars Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Marie Forleo, and Trent Shelton, who will allegedly share some of their wisdom about creating your own path in life. You might be confused or even slightly afraid that you are getting roped into a cult-like initiation ceremony, so here is how McConaughey explains it, in “simple” terms: Video.

Youtube: HERE

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