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The ABC’s With AC/DC

ACDC (1)

Who better to teach you the “ABCs” than AC/DC, who already have three of the first four letters covered in their name?

The legendary Aussie rock band’s career will help youngsters learn not only the alphabet, but also a bit about one of rock’s greatest groups in the new book “The AC/DC AB/CD High Voltage Alphabet.”

With colorful illustrations and mnemonic rhymes, kids should soon be on their way to being able to recite the alphabet but also share a few tales about the group as well. The opening entry reads, “A is for Angus / Who thinks it’s good luck / To wear a school uniform / And walk like a duck.” There are also nods to a few songs with “J” speaking about a “Jailbreak” and “R” designated for “Rosie.”

Love Police founder Brian Taranto said in a statement, “Yeah, it’s a kids book, but any AC/DC or music fan will find something on every page. [Paul McNeil] has done a sweet and rockin’ job. We are looking forward to educating another generation of rock and rollers!”

The book is being released by the Love Police, an Australian touring agency, merch company and record label. It’s set to arrive on Nov. 11.


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