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The 30 WORST Holiday Movies of All Time

Not to go negative… this is purely for fun.  But I do have a legitimate question:  There was a Home Alone THREE?  I had NO idea!The 30 WORST Holiday Movies of All Time… CLICK HERE!

So have you seen all of them?  I admit I’ve missed more than a few of these.  But now that seems like a VERY good thing.

I was cringing as I clicked through these thinking Bad Santa or, at the VERY least, Bad Santa Two had made the list.  I’m glad they didn’t.  While they are the farthest things from what we usually enjoy in our house this time of the year.  Those two movies are a great, late night, grown-up escape from the stress and craziness.  Sometimes you just gotta’ switch your brain off and have a good (dirty) laugh.

Not sure I agree with any of the Santa Clause movies.  Tim Allen’s my BOY!

Jingle All the Way though?  Yup… ya nailed it.

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