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That There is an RV CLARK!

Finally the city of Seattle is cracking down on something.  RV’s impounded by police will have a tougher time rolling back out onto the street.

I don’t mean to be insensitive… if this is someones only way to live out of the elements I get that.  But it just seems like so many people are taking advantage of the system in these RV’s running rampant not JUST in the city but into the ‘burbs as well.  Just outside my neighborhood on the main road in Snohomish County it looks like a Cousin Eddie convention.


The recent story, at least in Seattle, has been that a lot of these RV’s are impounded only to be sold at auction CHEAP and then they return, many times, right to the same spot.  This new initiative would make it much harder to do that.

I sure hope Snohomish County is listening.

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