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That awkward moment when….

Every relationship reaches that point…

You start off in a blissful cocoon of happiness.  It’s all excitement, nervousness, lust and a belly full of butterflies. Then, as the relationship progresses and you start getting comfortable, there’s bathrooms, weight gain and bodily functions! (gasp, people actually toot!?!)

According to a recent survey:

Women wait 1 year and 4 months into the relationship to stop dieting. For men, it’s 1 year, 1 month. (See, it’s their fault. They stop and three months later we are sitting on the couch, sharing an entire pie.)

Women wait 1 year and 2 months into the relationship before using the bathroom while their partner is on the toilet. Men wait 1 year, 1 month. (Again… their fault.)

Men and women both wait 9 months before tooting in front of their partner… those first 9 months must have been uncomfortable!

So, we asked our listeners, when did YOU know the honeymoon was over?


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