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Thanks to “Heat Waves'” success, “the middle of June” isn’t so sad for Glass Animals anymore

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Glass Animals‘ global #1 hit “Heat Waves” was inspired by the loss of a close friend of frontman Dave Bayley. Because that person’s birthday was in June, Dave included the line, “Sometimes all I think about is you/Late nights in the middle of June.” But while the middle of June is this week, Dave says thanks to the song’s amazing success, he probably won’t be so sad this year.

“I mean, I think that time of the year will take on a totally new meaning now for me,” he laughed to ABC Audio. But he also believes that creating a song about missing his friend went a long way toward helping him get over his sadness.

“Having written about it was cathartic in the first place because you’re kind of solidifying how you feel,” he said. “And it does make you think about that situation a lot: When you write a song about something, it really makes you basically understand yourself and why it makes you feel that way. It’s therapeutic.”

But the song didn’t just help Dave — it had a huge impact on fans, as well. Dave said the way people have responded to “Heat Waves” is another reason why his feelings about this time of the year have changed.

As he explained, “I think seeing people have such an amazing reaction to it and seeing people responding to it, saying that the song really helped them, and all the amazing artwork that people have made about the song and the album and the way people have responded creatively — making remixes, covers, doing amazing things in the digital space, like creating Minecraft Castles and even memes — all of that just makes what was a very sad situation so positive.”

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