credit: Seth/KRWM

Thank You! Yes… YOU!!

Thank you for making me feel so welcome the last two days.

Now that I’m all wired up to make the 1’s and 0’s make pretty words and pictures on our website… I wanted to introduce myself!I’m Seth and I’ve been on the radio since I was a kid.  I grew up in such a small town in Vermont being on the radio at 12 years old was possible.  Our middle school was able to use the state college pool for phys ed.  When I was in 7th grade they had posters everywhere asking the college kids who stayed in town over the summer to help keep the college radio station on the air.  I applied… and, even though I looked older than 12,  I  couldn’t pass for college age and was promptly asked how old I was.  Then I was told to come back in 8 years, but when they had almost no one to run the radio station that summer a desperation call was placed.  To my dad…. a hard working New England farmer who expected his son to have a job at 12.  He expected it would be on a Christmas tree farm, really the only place a boy of a certain age could find gainful employment in our small town.  I think my dad was so impressed with my ability to work this kind of job magic before becoming a teenager he allowed it to happen.

My interest in radio was Dad’s fault anyway.  He was a volunteer firefighter and I was FASCINATED with the radio calls on his police scanner and fire pager. Side note:  I’m still fascinated this is my dorked out truck that I can hear EVERYTHING except the next galaxy in:

credit: Seth/KRWM


So I started learning everything I could about how radio worked.  How does this sound magically get from one place to another with no wires?  Not easy before the internet.  Especially in our small town with library books older than fossils.  With all this “nerd’ under my belt I really thought I would end up a radio engineer responsible for making the equipment work… but, darn it, didn’t they throw a microphone in front of my face.  I was hooked!  There was something about the way it sounded that made me literally tingle.  I had discovered my future at the age of 12.   I don’t know how I got so lucky.

Six weeks on the air not knowing boo about what I was doing I get a call from the owner of only the second FM station in our little town.  He thought I WAS a college kid and wanted to offer me my second job.  So my mom drove me up there in our Aerostar van.  Cue the “so how old are you” line again.  They were also a little desperate… we had to find a special rule within Vermont law that allowed children to perform.  Not the last time I’d stretch the rules.  I did that job, almost full time, through high school.  If I got detention I’d be late for my shift on-air.  So I played it super nice and never misbehaved, right?  Sure… but not really.  I was lucky that the principal was good friends with the owner of the radio station.  Detention?  What’s that?  I learned the fine art of politics pretty early in life.

A few crazy twists and turns later I’d met the lady I would eventually marry and Vermont couldn’t contain us any longer.  A friend of mine had been working in Seattle for about year.  I had ALWAYS wanted to live here.  My life is complete with the marriage of mountains, water and the color green.  I’d never set foot in Washington State but I knew it would be the place for me and maybe, just maybe this girl would love it too.

So I packed up my 2010 Nissan Altima and made the trek across the country to work in The Great Northwest on country music radio.  After holding down almost every shift on almost every country station in Seattle since 2005 I was offered this incredible opportunity to stay with the same quality company and cross the hall to Warm 106.9.  I couldn’t be happier… this is HUGE for my family:  My wife Lindsey, my 6 year old Jackson and our menagerie of pets.  As amazing as this is for us I, sincerely, want to make the morning experience even better for you!


Please join me weekdays from 5a-9a for a whole lotta’ music, fun, prizes, creative ways to avoid traffic backups and two hours of non-stop music that starts at 7:45.


Thank YOU for making my dreams come true.


About Seth

Warm 106.9 now has an honest to goodness live teddy bear in the morning. Seth is a 13 year resident of south Snohomish County and loves his family (wife, 6 year old son, Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and fat old man cat) mountains, water and all things TASTY!