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Taylor Swift swiped her producer’s phone to ask Phoebe Bridgers to collaborate on a song

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Remember when Taylor Swift revealed how she tried wooing Phoebe Bridgers to join her on her “from the vault” track “Nothing New“?  We now know a little bit more about how it went down, thanks to Phoebe.

According to her, Taylor swiped her producer Aaron Dessner‘s phone to make contact, which threw Phoebe for a loop.  Aaron helped Taylor with her Grammy-winning album folklore and its sister, evermore.

“I got this random text from Aaron Dessner that was really weirdly worded for him,” Phoebe told Billboard.  “And I was like, ‘What the f*** is this?’ And as I was reading it, I [realized], ‘Oh, my God, it’s from Taylor Swift.'”

The two talked about “all kinds of stuff” and Phoebe said, “It was just a total high. It felt like when you meet someone at a party and you’re in the corner all night being like, ‘Me too!'”  

Taylor previously revealed on Late Night with Seth Meyers in November how she got the singer to appear on her Red (Taylor’s Version) album.  She said she composed “a very long text that I’ve crafted over many days” and also sent over the song to gauge Phoebe’s interest, adding she reached out because she’s “one of my favorite artists in the world.”

“If she sings it, I will listen to it. I just love her voice,” Taylor said at the time.

It appears the two have yet to meet, with Phoebe saying they’re just “online friends” because of the pandemic, but says they’re “excited for when we hang out for the first time.”

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