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Taylor Swift accused of stealing Folklore logo from Black-owned business

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Another day, another claim that Taylor Swift stole something from someone else — this time its the logo for her new album, folklore, that’s under question.

According to Amira Rasool, the logo originated from her store “The Folklore,” which is “an online concept store delivering Africa & the diaspora’s top contemporary designer brands.”

In an Instagram post shared on July 24, Rasool explained, “This morning, it came to my attention that musician #TaylorSwift is selling merchandise to go along with her new album ‘Folklore’. She is currently selling merchandise with the words “The Folklore” printed on them. Based on the similarities of the design, I believe the designer of the merch ripped off my company’s logo.”

She continued, “I am sharing my story to bring light to the trend of large companies/celebrities copying the work of small minority-owned business owners. I am not going to let this blatant theft go unchecked.”

Rasool also tweeted the accusation with a side by side of both logos.

“Wait hold up… it’s one thing to use the name “Folklore” but we’re out here stealing Black women’s logos too?,” she wrote

The store founder also shared screenshots of fans who had confused her website for the 30-year-old pop star’s alluding to the similarity between the two. 

“We’re already getting emails from Taylor Swift fans coming to our website asking about their digital album downloads,” she wrote. 

As of Monday evening, it does not appear that Swift not her team has responded to the claims.

By Danielle Long
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