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Taylor and Travis~Bigger than Life

The streets of Zionsville are getting a taste of both music and sports superstardom this Halloween season.

But there’s a twist – they’re skeletal superstars!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, or rather, their 12-foot-tall skeletal versions, are turning heads.

Michal Owens is the mastermind behind these larger-than-life skeletal figures.

Taylor Swift, affectionately named “Skaylor Swift,” now stands tall on a Zionsville street.

The skeleton is in Taylor’s iconic bejeweled blue sequin dress, complete with her trademark blonde hair.

But the spectacle didn’t end with Skaylor Swift.

This week, a new addition joined the display – a skeleton donning an ’87 jersey and sporting a mustache, none other than Travis Kelce.

The pair appears to be recreating Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s newfound connection that made headlines after Taylor attended his game on Sunday.

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