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Raj Singh, the owner of Roseville Cabs, got a call to pick up a 92-year-old woman and take her to the bank.

The woman told Singh she had a call from an IRS employee telling her she owed the government  $25,000.

Not wanting to be in debt, she wanted to withdraw the funds ASAP to make the payment.

He sensed the phone call sounded like a scam—and he didn’t want the elderly woman

to be tricked out of a sizeable sum of money.

He asked the woman if he could call the “IRS” employee to ask some questions.

When Singh called the number, the “government agent” said he had no idea what the woman

was talking about—and then he blocked Singh’s number.

Still nervous about her supposed debt, the woman wasn’t totally convinced the call she received was a scam.

So Singh then took her to the Roseville Police Department and asked an officer to sit down and talk to her.

The officer confirmed it was a scam and thanked Singh for saving the woman from losing her money.

They posted a story about his good deed to their Facebook page and also presented him with a $50 gift card.

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