Christmas Warm

Taking Care of Your Christmas Cactus

Blooming Schlumbergera Christmas Cactus Houseplant In Flower Pot
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Chrysanthemum Cliff and Heather talked all about Christmas plants and the meaning behind them during 25 Day of We’re So Xmas and the Christmas cactus definitely came up. According to, the Christmas cactus isn’t actually a cactus at all, but is instead a succulent known for the beautiful red and pink flowers that bloom during the winter, which is how it gets its name.

Regardless if they are a cactus or a succulent, these beautiful flowering plants make for easy party or white elephant gifts, so it’s a very real possibility that you are now the proud owner of one. If you want it to make it to next Christmas, it’s going to need a little bit of care. Luckily, Tim Johnson, the director of horticulture for the Chicago Botanic Garden has some tips on how you can make your Christmas Cactus thrive!

Christmas cactus basics:

  • Keep it in a warmer room, between 60 and 70 degrees with medium to high humidity
  • If you want your cactus to bloom, it will need bright light exposure
  • Water your cactus when the soil feels dry to the touch

You’ll definitely want to check out the entire article, especially if you are interested in helping your cactus bloom, shaping it or repotting it. With proper care, your cactus should bloom multiple times a year (and not just at Christmas)!