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Take Your M.E.D.S

COVID-19 emergency sign hospital in need of medication for treat
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Self care for yourself and your family during this lock down is essential!!

M is for Move:  get up, dance, walk, do squats, stretch.

E is for Eat: Tempting to grab snacks but remember to keep some good foods in your diet.

Healthy snacks

D is for Drink: Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, plus well, something about sugar…

Benifits of drinking water

S is for Sleep: it is hard to sleep when you are stressed.

Ideas to get back to a sleep routine

 Take your M.E.D.S.


Take a MEDIA break, too much news is not good for anyone.

Shellie Hart’s SOCIAL-BREAK VLOG weekdays at 1pm on WARM 1069 FB Page

Keep reaching out to family and friends via phone, facebook, skype, marco polo, face time, even try writing a letter.

but wait there is more!!

UW Suggestions for staying connected

If you or anyone you know is struggling


211 is an excellent resource source, call or go online.

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