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Surviving Our Seattle ‘Darkness’ [Guide and Tips]

Seattle city view from Kerry Park with urban architecture and be
Credit: Songquan Deng |

No joke, our long dark-wet-rainy days are tough for even the those who grew up in the NW.  The lack of sun does it for me, and then that one day happens when she shines and all is forgotten about the ‘gloom’.  Then it returns.  There are sooooo many things we can do to help us guide through these months to Spring, so let’s get take a look below:

  • Guide to survive the Seattle Winter ‘Darkness’ (HERE)
  • Beating the NW Winter Blues (HERE)
  • Plan a trip to Arizona or Hawaii…that’s my advice:)

And btw, we SPRING FORWARD March 8th.  That should help quite a bit:)