Survey says 70% of parents say being their kids’ teacher harder than their “normal” job

Survey Says 70% Of Parents Say Being Their Kids' Teacher Harder Than Their "normal" Job

iStock/valintinrussanov(NEW YORK) — According to a new survey commissioned by the educational site Osmo, seven in 10 parents say that having to act as their kids’ teacher during lockdown is harder than doing their regular job. 

The poll of 2,000 Americans also revealed four in five parents say they’re living in lockdown with a newfound respect for teachers — and 77% say as a result they think teachers should be paid more. 

Seventy percent also say trying to keep their kids occupied during the day is making their own job harder, with three in four saying the new work-life balance is “overwhelming.” 

Three in four admitted to worrying that their child will fall behind on education milestones, with schools all over the country closed. 

Mathematics topped the list of the subjects in which parents hoped their kids wouldn’t fall behind, at 67%, while science ranked second, at 64%.  Reading was third, at 57%

Two-thirds of parents say they’re looking for extra worksheets to keep their kids’ skills sharp; 61% say they’re using educational TV to take up the slack. 

Fifty-six percent say they’re making sure their children video conference with their teachers, 49% say they’re reading aloud to their children, and 37% are looking to educational games and apps. 

Outside of schooling, 63% say they’ve watched more TV and movies with their children while in lockdown, 54% say they’ve been drawing with their kids, and nearly 50% say they’ve been playing games with their children on tablet or mobile devices.

Overall, 68% say they feel they’re running out of ideas to keep their children occupied and not underfoot. 

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