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Sure, Maroon 5 has a song called “Sugar,” but this is a little extreme

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 got a surprise on his way into Jimmy Kimmel’s studio in Hollywood yesterday. Adam was saying hi to fans before entering the building when somebody pelted him with powdered sugar.  According to TMZ:

The Maroon 5 frontman was actually taking time to greet fans when the sugar bomber attacked — seemingly landing a headshot on Adam with some sweet sweet powder … and leaving one side of his face completely white. He did NOT look happy.

Unclear if the attacker was protesting on behalf of any particular group — or just some idiot prankster — but he was quickly detained by security until police arrived and arrested him for battery. Adam continued into the studio for his scheduled performance.

Here’s some raw video of the actual attack:


Was it a snarky reference to Maroon 5’s song “Sugar?” I’m sure the authorities will sort it all out. Meanwhile, here’s the music video for the song, in which the band crashes wedding receptions all over L.A.:




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