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Sunscreen: It’s Good For You… But…

2019 makes it pretty hard to figure out what is good and, conversely, what is bad for  you.  Of particular interest to us here in Washington State who don’t see much sun in the winter months and then the sun comes screamin’ out in the spring here’s the skinny on sunscreen.

I’m Irish… so I’ve always needed SPF: Nuclear.  If I don’t load up, and I mean Spackle thick, after even 20 minutes in the sun I feel it.  After a few hours without protection I’m DONE for the next day.  My first trip on an airplane was Hawaii when I was 21.   I slathered on highest SPF sunscreen I could find… but I was wearing Teva sandals and forgot the tops of my feet.  Whoops.  I can still see damage.

I’ll take my chances and hope that soon we’ll get some favorable research.  They keep going back and forth on the health benefits of alcohol.  I’m not giving that up anytime soon either.

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