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STRAWBERRY SEASON: Salads & Desserts [recipes]

Summer Fruit Strawberry, Spinach Salad With Walnut, Feta Cheese
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Yay!  It’s Strawberry Season, and time to enjoy some locally grown goodness.  Here are a few of my favs (outside of Strawberry Shortcake, which rules!)

  • Strawberry Spinach Salad w/Candied Pecans & Feta (HERE)
  • Strawberry-Avacado Spinach Salad w/Poppy Seed Dressing (HERE)
  • Chicken & Strawberry Salad (HERE)

  • Strawberry Cake (HERE)
  • Strawberry Cobbler (HERE)
  • 40 Strawberry Desserts to enjoy (HERE)

And a personal favorite here…