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Storm Troopers Enforce Social Distancing

Credit: YouTube

May 20th parts of Disney World reopened. To help enforce social distancing restrictions they enlisted Stormtroopers.

Disney World partial reopening includes outdoor restaurants,

entertainment venues and its shopping district, Disney Springs.

Visitors must now follow rules that require all guests to wear face coverings,

pass fever tests and maintain a distance of 6 feet from other guests whenever possible.

Attractions Magazine shared a video last week of two Imperial soldiers

encouraging visitors to “move along” and “stay in your sector”

as they patrol from a balcony above a shopping plaza.

Pre-recorded banter between the two troopers can be heard over a loudspeaker.

“Hey, you! With the face covering!”

yells one Stormtrooper in the video.

“They all have face coverings,” the other mocks.

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