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Stevie Nicks says rivalry between female pop stars is “just ridiculous”

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Having been in Fleetwood Mac with Christine McVie for decades, Stevie Nicks knows a thing or two about maintaining female friendships in the music business.  That’s why she doesn’t have time for sort of feuds or rivalries between female artists, which she says is “just bulls**t.”

Stevie has been a friend and a mentor to many female artists, including Vanessa Carlton, Sheryl Crow, the group HAIM, Sheryl Crow, Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry.  In a new interview in The New Yorker, Stevie recalls that ten years ago, when Katy asked her who her rivals are, she told Katy, “I don’t have rivals…and neither do you…That’s just ridiculous.”

Stevie recalls that when Katy tried to explain that there was “the Taylor Swift army” and “the Katy army,” she told the “Teenage Dream” star bluntly, “That’s just bulls**t. You have to just walk away from that. Don’t carry that around in your mind because then they’re winning this game.”

Stevie notes that she and Christine McVie never competed, adding, “We were very protective of each other. We made a pact, in the very beginning, that we would never be treated with disrespect by all the male musicians in the community. And we really stuck to it.”

“I would say to her, ‘Together, we are a serious force of nature, and it will give us the strength to maneuver the waters that are ahead of us,'” Stevie recalls.

Stevie, who has several festival appearances lined up for later in the year, tells the New Yorker, “I [still] want to sing. But there are so many other creative things that give me a happy state of mind when I need it, that are in the future for me, that I really am excited about.”

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