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Starting a New Career? You Might be in the Right Place

A lot can go into deciding where to start your career, but two things can be certain: the availability of jobs and the quality of life in that city.

They’re the two dimensions that WalletHub used to rank their study of the best cities to start your career in.

With 29 metrics between the two, the categories helped decide each cities fate on the final ranking.

The availability of jobs or, “professional opportunities,” did outweigh quality of life.

Where did the Emerald City rank? Overall, in the top 10, though it ranked 11th in both categories separately

Seattle wasn’t alone on the list, Tacoma made it to the no. 68 spot.

The top 10: 

1. Salt Lake City, Utah

Professional opportunities rank: 1

Quality of life rank: 2

2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Professional opportunities rank: 4

Quality of life rank: 6

3. Atlanta, Georgia

Professional opportunities rank: 2

Quality of life rank: 12

4. Orlando, Florida

Professional opportunities rank: 3

Quality of life rank: 8

5. Austin, Texas

Professional opportunities rank: 7

Quality of life rank: 5

6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Professional opportunities rank: 14

Quality of life rank: 4

7. Seattle, Washington

Professional opportunities rank: 11

Quality of life rank: 11

8. Raleigh, North Carolina

Professional opportunities rank: 19

Quality of life rank: 9

9. Boston, Massachusetts

Professional opportunities rank: 6

Quality of life rank: 45

10. Denver, Colorado

Professional opportunities rank: 15

Quality of life rank: 19

For the REST of the list: HERE

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