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Spotlighting Take Steps Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation


Joining us today is Laurel Grimm Senior Manager, Fundraising Campaigns & Volunteer

Engagement Along with Jennifer O’Connor who is the Regional Director for the Northwest Chapter

and a Take Steps team captain. She’s been a captain and IBD patient for over 20 years!

Take Steps is the annual fundraising walk for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

One thing that’s unique about our organization is that so many patients involved struggle

with sharing their diagnosis/experiences with others.

There’s a lot of privacy, secrecy, and stigma surrounding Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

(“bathroom diseases”).

Take Steps is an awesome community event in part because it’s a chance for patients and caregivers

to be open about their experiences and hear stories from others.

This event supports our research efforts into improved treatments and eventually a cure.

Currently, Crohn’s & colitis are chronic, untreatable conditions that can lead to

severe complications and surgery for many patients over the course of their life.

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Jennifer O’Connor’s Team