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Spotlighting Give Big 2022


Featuring 501 Commons and Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW.

Give Big 2022 is already underway. It’s a great annual fund-raising event for our community to come together and support many of the non-profits in the Puget Sound area. And to underscore the need is greater than ever this year! We hear from leaders in just 2 of the nonprofits we can choose to support: Our first guest is Nancy Long the executive director of 501 Commons, the nonprofit producing GiveBIG. Our second guest is Diana Goodrich the Co Executive Director of Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW the only home for chimpanzees in the state of Washington! They’ve been expanding and now care for sixteen chimpanzees, all of whom were once used in biomedical testing. The sanctuary is working on building additional outdoor space for the new arrivals. ·