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Sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles!

Let’s just take a minute to talk about Dancing With the Stars, ok?

The premiere was last night and we were more excited about this one than many seasons past…..for what reason, we aren’t sure. Needless to say, it lived up to our hype!  There was good, bad and ugly!

First things first, we knew this going in, but the women this year are REALLY good!  Some of the men are REALLY bad, but three of the men were a pleasant surprise, Nick, David and Rashad brought their A-games!

Nick brought the deep V (impressive) AND some pretty fancy footwork!  Who knew the Bachelor had those moves!?!? Cue Fantasy Suite joke here……

David was fun and loveable and nailed the fancy footwork and we found ourselves singing along to Go Cubs Go….it’s still in our heads!

Rashad and his 24K Magic were awesome! SO much gold, so many moves and it all added up to fun!

Then there was Bonner Bolton and the oozing chemistry with Sharna…. we all needed a cold shower after that. Wowza.

Now to the ugly, poor Mr T and Chris Kattan… they were just all sorts of awkward… too bad we can’t unsee some of that!

Back to more good- the ladies!

Heather Morris was amazing, just like we thought she’d be.  You could tell immediately that this girl is a dancer and maybe we are biased, but it seems like she got docked a bit based on the judges expectations going in.  We will see how that plays out.

Simone Biles was adorable, graceful and pretty much flawless, but if we are being honest, her performance lacked some excitement.  Maybe it was just too waltzy for us.

Erika Jayne brought some heat and a whole lot of hair! She salsa’d and sexxed it up and it worked.  We just love her, so we may have been watching through Erika Jayne colored-glasses.

Charro cha-cha’d or something like that and let’s just be honest, we had to actually think about her name because we just want to keep calling her Cha-Cha.

Nancy Kerrigan was exactly as we expected, it looked like she was ice skating.

We may still not know who Normani Kordani is, but she killed it and might be quick-stepping her way into our hearts!

One thing is certain, his might be one of the most fun seasons yet!

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