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Sadly, just about every school kid’s /parent’s /teacher’s nightmares came to life this week at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. This national tragedy has left many hurting inside, struggling to make sense of the latest shooting rampage…and what could happen next. This time seems different, and these intense and unsafe situations are clearly triggering stress, trauma and second-hand trauma. Laurie, Claire and Anna D discuss the emotional toll it’s taking on loved ones who are students, teachers and parents. They talk about famous names who are expressing their sorrow and anger, most notably Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, both whom had tearfully addressed the Texas shooting. We hope our conversation – and all anguished soul-searching conversations happening right now – help you unpack your feelings, raise questions and give you healing. Big hugs from all of us at Listen & Learn or Not.