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Sometimes the right person gets a break!

Terry Simon made it on the Warm 106.9 Payroll and won $1800. Not bad, right?  Terry and her husband live in a single-income household and he has had to take time off of work to care for his mother, who is undergoing 6 weeks of chemo and radiation at UW Medical center.  He is there with her for every treatment, but the bills are mounting up.

Christmas Bonus winner Warm Workday Payoff
Christmas bonus winner, Terry and her Mother-in-Law

This morning, we got to do the thing that makes us most happy as radio hosts, we got to help some deserving people going through a hard time.  Terry was the random winner of the $5,000 Christmas bonus… sometimes, the stars align, and the prize goes to someone who truly needs it.  We called her this morning to surprise her and the phone call was priceless.

Happy holidays.




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