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Snow Socks

Young Man With Gloves Install Snow Chains In The Car Tyre In Win
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When I bought my Chevy Spark, they made sure to let me know I wouldn’t be able to use chains in the winter.

Last winter was tough, but I navigated the roads just fine (mostly).  There was that one hill at work.  Well now there is something called snow socks.

When conditions call for extra traction, some drivers swear by traditional tire chains that you have to lay out and line up with the tire

More and more drivers swear by snow socks.

There are no metal parts or hooks to connect, just woven fabric that, believe it or not,

really does help increase your traction on snow and ice.

Simply slip the sock over one side of the tire and adjust the fabric so that it’s positioned snugly over all of the tire but the very bottom.

You have to roll the car forward a bit to complete the job.

As long as you’re focused on preparing your car for freezing weather,

don’t forget about other essentials that many drivers overlook:

*Good anti-freeze

*Adequate windshield wiper fluid

*The proper air pressure in your tires (air tire diminishes in cold weather which affects traction)

*Proper tire tread.

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