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Snoozing Could Improve your Social Standing

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Let the snoozefest begin!

Slapping the “snooze” button on your alarm clock may improve your social standing, according to a surprising poll of sleepers.

Nearly 24% of American adults reach for the “more sleep” switch, claiming that it helps their relationships with loved ones and coworkers.

Thanks to that extra few minutes in bed, six in 10 claim that they’re also improving their relationship with their bedmate, and 71% said they believe that sleep has a direct impact on their “social health.”

Overall, 72% of respondents snooze between one and four times on any given morning, while just 16% avoid snoozing it all together.

Many respondents also agreed they’d be willing to sacrifice other comforts just to catch more Zs, such as give up eating breakfast (29%), taking a shower (29%) and brushing their teeth (27%) — hypothetically speaking, of course.

Around three in 10 desperate voters said they would go some extreme measures for an extra hour of sleep, like give up spoons or knives forever (33%); log off from streaming services for a year (30%); wear their most uncomfortable shoes for a week (29%); eat the same food for dinner every day (28%); never go to a concert or sporting event ever again (28%) or sleep on the floor for a month (24%).

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