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Snail Fluencer

To some they’re creepy and crawly creatures, and to others they are a delicacy, but to one woman, they are pets.

Kris Buckley says she was just running a small business breeding and selling snails until she posted a video about what she does on social media. It got a lot of attention, so her son suggested she share more.

“My oldest son told me, like, TikTok is a big thing now. You have to post it there. And I think it was like the second video that got viral, what I posted. It was with my snails. And then like the people begged me. And then I came into this whole snail game,” she told CBS News.

Now, the Germany-based mom of two is a “snail-fluencer,” educating her 180,000 TikTok followers on her passion for these mollusks.

With more than 500 kinds of snails in her warehouse, she’s not short on content.

But what is there to love about these animals?

“The snail is good as a pet because if you once arranged enclosure properly, it doesn’t need so much attention. So you don’t need to walk your snail, for example. It’s not loud, you know, they don’t need attention. And so it’s good for people that work a lot,” she said.

She’s hoping her advocacy of snails encourages more people to cross over to the “slime side of life.”

Video: HERE