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Singer claims he’s “been robbed” by Ed Sheeran in ongoing “Shape of You

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The trial continues for Ed Sheeran, who’s been accused by another singer for plagiarizing “Shape of You.” During the latest hearing, singer Sami Chokri took to the witness stand and claimed he was “robbed” by the Grammy winner.

BBC was present for Tuesday’s proceedings and reports Chokri stated, “I feel like I’ve been robbed by someone I respect, or respected.”  He claims Ed sampled his 2015 song “Oh Why” in his “Oh I, oh I” hook and called the similarities “strikingly similar.” 

Chokri said when he allegedly approached Sheeran and his team about the similarities in 2017, they belittled him.  “All I wanted to do was ask for an explanation. If I’d had one we wouldn’t have had to go through with this rubbish,” he stated.

The singer also said when he took to Facebook to vent on the two songs’ similarities, the Grammy winner’s friend, Jamal Edwards, commented with the looking eyes emoji and later deleted it.

Chokri revealed he sent his EP to Edwards and believes he “played a part in showing [my song] to Ed.”  

Jamal, who recently passed away, released a statement prior to his death that claimed, “Even if I was sent a copy, I did not share it with Ed.”  

Chokri countered, “Jamal would share music with Ed Sheeran” and added he does “respect” the late entrepreneur.  

Ed, along with “Shape of You” co-writers Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac, have denied copying “Oh Why.”  Ed said last week if he “had heard ‘Oh Why’ at the time and had referenced it, I would have taken steps to clear it… I want to treat other songwriters fairly.”

The case is ongoing.  Chokri is suing for “copyright infringement, damages and an account of profits in relation to the alleged infringement.”

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