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Hi, I’m Seth… I grew up in Vermont but discovered very quickly I have a Northwest heart.

After 13 years in Seattle radio and playin’ in the deep woods of Snohomish County this is definitely my home. I love my family, food and the golf course. In that order. We’re a hockey family… my kindergartner could skate circles around me in full pads before he could walk.

Practically everything I eat is just an excuse to enjoy it’s condiment and I love everything outdoors. Hope we can enjoy some time together soon, but in the meantime, you can hear me from 5am–9am, Monday – Friday on Today’s WARM 106.9

Latest Posts

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The latest mass vaccination site in our state is an unlikely spot.

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The pandemic requires a special way to stay sane.  For some folks that meant… well… booze.  Here are the favorite quarantine cocktails by state.

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Sorry Florida… You don’t get to claim this one.  Nebraska for the win!

Streak of Lights NOT a Meteor Shower

If you happened to catch the streak of lights over Western Washington at about 9pm last night.. don’t worry you weren’t the only person to freak out!

A Not So Pretty Penny

Months after resigning from his job a Georgia man received his final weeks pay… in greasy, oily pennies.