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Shellie Hart’s IDEAL WELLNESS Journey


YES!   Hello and Welcome:)  I’m soooooooooo happy that you’re reading this as it tells me you’re ready!   Losing weight can be hard, but with Ideal Wellness and their ‘ShiftSetGo’ weight loss program you’ll have the tools, food and most important SUPPORT to achieve YOUR goals.

MY CURRENT WEIGHT LOSS and JOURNEY to IMPROVE MY HEALTH since February 8th:   20 pounds gone!   (GOAL ACCOMPLISHED 3/16/2021)

“I wanted to lose 20lbs by my birthday at the end of March and BOOM! Hit that goal weeks before! So happy with the Ideal Wellness ‘ShiftSetGo! program” – Shellie Hart

Thank you for taking a moment as I recap my Ideal Wellness journey.   You see after nearly a year of just ‘giving in’ to things I thought would comfort my soul during this incredibly difficult pandemic time…backfired, I had gained 15lbs.   I knew it all the while too, but perhaps like you I simply just lost my way.  Isolation does crazy things to our mental health, eating habits and making smart choices.

A friend had told me about Ideal Wellness, and how it was their coaching and support was a game-changer AND that they now have a VIRTUAL PROGRAM!   A ‘remote’ weight loss program that will mail you a 2 week starter kit, complete with food, scale and virtual coaching.  Now that had my attention.    (Ideal Wellness also has 6 locations in the North Puget Sound, check if there’s a location near you HERE)


Ideal Wellness ‘ShiftSetGo’ is a coached meal replacement program that works in 3 stages to QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY lose fat while NOT REGAINING the lost weight.  Boom.

Within’ my first two weeks I lost 8.4 pounds!  I feel amazing.  And they have a private FB page where we all share the journey, recipes, tips and LOTS of positive encouragement.


I know you have lots of questions.  “Is it easy?”   It’s a simple program, but the work is all on you and how many bad habits or rather ‘retrain’ your brain…well for me anyhow:)  The first two weeks are the hardest, but if you commit you’ll notice QUICKLY that you feel different and that it DOES work and before you know it you’re grabbing water vs. something carbonated (WATER btw is key, drink LOTS!).  You just start intuitively making better choices, reading labels and making and eating things that you enjoy.

“Will I be hungry?”   Nope.   You’ll enjoy several things that may surprise you.   Plus the private FB page, as I mentioned LOADED with others on the journey WITH you and will be your daily ‘go-to’ for tips and support (along with your coach).   Eat those veggies though (4 cups per day), that for me is the toughest part but YOU will find what works for you.  Right now, I mix my veggies in pan-fried cabbage like a stir fry with different flavor profiles from basil, cilantro, lime or a splash of coconut milk (you’ll be given a GUIDE BOOK for what you can have and how much).  Plus some really great recipe ideas for your evening meals and proteins.   Remember, this is a life changing program and by design lean in the beginning to get you back to YOU!   And it WILL happen.

Remote/Virtual program ships what you need right to your front door!

“Is it expensive?”  Ideal Wellness is cost neutral.  Meaning, what you spend on the program is perhaps what you spend at the grocery store.  In my case less as I always bought soooooo much more than I needed and now I have a list, and go in just for the essentials so I’m saving a bit.  There’s the initial startup and then averages about $99 per week.  BUT (and this is HUGE)… there’s NO CONTRACT and NO MINIMUM WEIGHT LOSS or maintenance fees …and you’ll ALWAYS be a member.

“Can I Drink Alcohol?”  LOL…do you want to lose the weight?  Look, what ever your favorite alcoholic beverage is…that will be there for the celebration toast when you do get to where you want to be.  And by then, well you’ll be a cheap date (as it may take only one to feel it).  Check with your coach on this one:)

“How does the Remote/Virtual work?”  A startup kit will be sent to you which includes your ‘shift meals’, digital scale (which speaks to your ShiftSetGo App) and a super handy guide that I refer back to almost daily!

Weekly update with Coach Tara!
The ShiftSetGo app is an easy way to track meals & weightloss.


REACH OUT TO IDEAL WELLNESS at 833-4-WELLNESS or at and mention the code word ‘WARM’ for a generous introduction offer.   And join me in a WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY together!

Here’s another look at my ‘before & after’ 20 lb weight loss.  What a difference, and I feel sooooooooooo good!  So, what are YOU waiting for?  Reach out to my friends at IDEAL WELLNESS and mention my name:)

Didn’t take long for clothes to ‘fit’ better!  That tummy fat was concerning to me, not anymore:)
So nice to have my waist back:)


Baked garlic broccoli, with a lime-cilantro salad with fresh mushrooms & tomato and chicken sausage.
Riced cauliflower with roasted red-bell pepper and grilled chicken topped with cilantro.
I flavor the riced cauliflower before I cook (and I do that in microwave).


You’ll quickly discover your favorite ‘go-to’ quick meals along with discovering new recipes for your healthier lifestyle.
During stage 1, my ‘go to’ was dinner (mostly veggies) in a bowl topped with (or on the side) a favorite protein.