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Shellie Hart’s FIRESIDE ‘Before & After’ GARAGE DOOR

Beauty AND Perfection

I couldn’t be more PLEASED!  As I recently partnered with FIRESIDE HOME SOLUTIONS to update my ‘noisy’…’slow’…plain lookin’ door with a ‘statement’ garage door.

WHAT a DIFFERENCE!  Check out the ‘BEFORE & AFTER’ photos:


Just ‘WOW’!  I went with a WAYNE DALTON Designer Fiberglass Door with the Cherry wood-grain pattern adding windows for more light and selected vertical Sonoma panels (and you have options there too!).

In short, it’s a game changer…right?!???  In addition to what it’s done to my curb appeal:

  • QUIETER…much quieter and a more sturdy door/thicker/classier.
  • App access to open/shut my garage door from anywhere! (you know that ‘Did I close Garage’ feeling).
  • Sensor lighting, even when I walk in from the door (not pictured).
  • First class installation, and soooooo FAST!
  • LOTS of neighbor compliments.


FIRESIDE HOME SOLUTIONS is locally owned, AWESOME to work with and legit! Seriously, give ’em a call or visit a showroom (tell ‘me SHELLIE HART at WARM 106.9 sent ya).   You’ll have fun with all of your options.  AND, the update no doubt will increase the value of your home.

FREE ESTIMATE:   Call 253-445-9660