30 lbs and Nearly a Year Later, and Keeping It Off!

Photo Credit: Shellie Hart

I can’t believe I’m coming up on a year since I first set foot in the 30/10 location in Bellevue and started my weight loss journey .  I’ll never forget the feeling of ‘where I was’, and ‘how did I get here?’  I was tipping the scale at a number I thought I’d never allow myself to get to (almost …

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It’s Gone, and Keeping It Off! (Before & After Photos)


My 10-week 30/10 Weight Loss For Life transformation is truly astonishing.  And it was easy and fun!   Even over the holiday season, I kept if off!  That’s because in addition to losing the weight (my goal was 25lbs, and lost just ounces shy of 30), the good people at 30/10 teach you how to ‘keep the weight’ off so …

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WEEK 8, Day 56: Wow! Now 24lbs Down…Holla!


DECEMBER 1st, 2014/MONDAY:  I’m so kicking myself right now, for not taking a photo of that first weigh in!  (almost 194lbs).   I remember how ‘angry’ I was that I had let myself get to that point, but then again I’m tall and can carry it without it looking as much as it was.  Well fast forward to today, check it …

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WEEK 7, Day 49: This is Sweet! But No Sugar Cookies Here:)

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.29.10 PM

NOVEMBER 24th, 2014/MONDAY:  Forgive me 30/10 Blog, as I’ve been so busy with the launch of Holiday Music on WARM 106.9 and the fact that I’ve had so much more energy in recent that I’ve been busier than usual and I have two things to get you caught up on.  First, the annual red suit not nearly as snug as …

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WEEK 6: Day 42: Cold Weather Means Comfort Food


NOVEMBER 17th, 2014/MONDAY:  And I’m not gonna cheat myself of that!  LOL.  Just because I’m on my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Program doesn’t mean I can pull out the crock-pot and slow cook some goodness!  I just means, that I do it slightly different…in a good way:)  In the past, I would use sauces (such as BBQ and Sweet …

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WEEK 5: Day 38: My Fifth Weigh In! Results Are…

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.36.34 AM

NOVEMBER 13th, 2014/THURSDAY:   While I had a BLAST golfing in San Diego,  I thought for sure that the vacation would throw me off (and note that my Weigh-Ins are now off a coupla days). Did my best NOT to cheat, but to be honest at all those fancy restaurants I did take a coupla bites of other plates.  And a …

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WEEK 5: Day 36: Breakfast At Tee-Time

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.25.53 AM

NOVEMBER 11th, 2014/TUESDAY:  Waking up on vacation, looking forward to another game of golf as I submit this blog entry from my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Journey-Journal.  As I packed for my San Diego fun, it was nice to be able to pack some favorite summer shorts that I normally would have kept tucked away knowing that they were …

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WEEK 5: Day 31: ‘Run Forrest, Run!’


NOVEMBER 6th, 2014/THURSDAY:  In addition to my clothes fitting sooooooooooo much better (in some cases, I’ve had to give up on some because now ‘too big’)…I feel more focused, and definitely more energy!  Thanks to my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life, I feel like the ‘younger’ me again:)  I’ve never been a runner, but know that getting some cardio is …

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WEEK 4: Day 28: My Fourth Weigh In! Results Are..

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.54.27 AM

NOVEMBER 3rd, 2014/MONDAY:   Drum roll please….17lbs!  I’m now past the halfway mark towards reaching my targeted goal weight!  This is just crazy, but I’m loving EVERY day of it.  I swear I can feel my body in ‘fat-burn’.  I’ve REALLY done my best to stick to my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life plan.  Probably my biggest ‘whoops’ are with the …

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WEEK 4: Day 27: Breakfast of Champions


NOVEMBER 2nd, 2014/SUNDAY:  As I sit here on a Sunday morning enjoying my coffee and sharing my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life blogs from my journal, I realize that I’m not only approaching week #5 feeling awesome and noticeably trimmer…but I blazed RIGHT PAST HALLOWEEN!  Lol. Things have become the new routine, I don’t even think about the 30/10 Program …

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