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She Payed Her Violin During Brain Surgery

Brain surgery
Credit: YouTube

During surgery, doctors allowed Dagmar Turner to play the violin. The video went viral.

No, the doctors didn’t feel like an impromptu concert.

The unique approach was taken to ensure that areas of the patient’s brain responsible for

hand movement and coordination were not inadvertently harmed

during the delicate procedure.

The prognosis looks good, and Turner is excited for the future.

“The violin is my passion; I’ve been playing since I was ten years old,” she said.

“The thought of losing my ability to play was heart-breaking but,

being a musician himself,

Dr. and the team at King’s went out of their way to plan the

operation—from mapping my brain

to planning the position I needed to be in to play.

Thanks to them, I’m hoping to be back with my orchestra very soon.”

Seriously??? Being awake during brain surgery?? AMAZING!

Full Story: HERE

Video: HERE

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