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She Has Alread Paid a Steep Price

Credit: YouTube

Black Bird watcher Christian Cooper will not cooperate with cops to prosecuting Amy Cooper.

He says he has forgiven Amy for her.

In the video, which has been viewed nearly 6 million times on Facebook,

hysterical Amy Cooper calls the police and repeatedly tells them that an

African American man is threatening her life.

Amid the controversy Amy lost her job, and her home.

She even temporarily lost custody of her dog when an animal rights group took action against her

in response to perceived “rough handling” of the animal displayed in Christian Cooper’s video.

Now Christian Cooper says Amy Cooper has suffered sufficient punishment

and he that he has no interest in cooperating with the prosecution’s investigation against her.

He explained he is aware of the implications, and if the DA wants to continue,

He can do that on his own.

Cooper just wants to get back to watching birds.

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