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She Gave Her Crown Away

Brittany Walters made a promise to her mother the day she passed away from cancer:

Brittany and her father would go to homecoming, where the high school senior was nominated for queen. Her mom, A.J. Walters, an administrator at Mississippi’s Forrest County Agricultural High School, never missed anything when she was growing up — from awards assemblies to games she was cheering at. Her mother didn’t want her to miss her big moment. Walters, who aspires to become a nurse, didn’t win homecoming queen that night,
but thanks to an act of kindness that has shined a healing light on a grieving family and community,
she ended the night in a crown.
Senior Nyla Covington was voted homecoming queen by fellow students at a school football game in late September. But moments after being crowned, felt called to crown someone else. After asking permission from school officials to do so, Covington walked over to Walters, standing beside her cowboy hat-clad father, and put the crown on her.

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