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Shawn Mendes Accidentally Drops Camila Cabello [VIDEO]

Their new music video is smokin’, steamy, smoldering and any other “S” word you can think of for H-O-T hot!  But the rehearsals were a different story.  It got real…  Here’s the behind the scenes video!

I love how all that “real” wasn’t just the momentary loss of grip… it’s also the pair joking around, chatting it up and having fun.  They look like they were having a solid good time.  The “real” in any performance comes out when the people are real.  They clearly are.  Listen to their conversations.  Great inside stuff I’m so happy they shared.

Now I’m off to watch the Senorita video again.  It’s that good.  It’s steamy, smokin’ and smoldering, remember?  Enjoy!

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