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Shawn Mendes says he gave Camila Cabello a heads-up before releasing “When You’re Gone”

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Shawn Mendes recently sparked theories that his new song, “When You’re Gone,” is an attempt to win back his ex, Camila Cabello. The Canadian singer clarified that was not his intention, nor did he take Camila by surprise.

In an interview with Extra, Shawn says he told Camilla about the track before releasing it, adding that doing so was more than a sign of respect.

“Camila and I have always been writers for as long as we’ve known each other, so we understand what that means,” Shawn explained. “And we respect what that means. And there’ll always be transparency between us.”

Shawn also broke down how the breakup anthem came to be, revealing, “I wrote this song about a month after Camila and I broke up.” He said that month milestone following a breakup allows one to start seeing their former relationship in a good light. “You kind of start having all the memories of things that happened, and all the memories of so many amazing things,” he explained.

The Grammy winner says he’s “really glad” he put those thoughts to paper, adding, “There’s only one way you can connect with actual people in a real way. And that’s by being truthful and being vulnerable.”

Although Shawn has come out with new music, he admits he’s “not sure” when his next album will follow.  He estimates that he’ll “start making the album” when his tour wraps in August 2023.

Now that Shawn is single, does he want to jump into a new relationship? He says, “I never really say yes or no to that question. Because it is what it is,” but notes, “I really think that I’d like to be as full and satisfied and content within myself before I try to get that from somebody else.”

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