September 25: Put Your Christmas Decorations Up NOW, Alternative Christmas Gifts & Cadbury Christmas Cottage Kits [Podcast]

Science says that if you love Christmas, it's never too early to put up your Christmas decorations! If you get that nostalgic rush when you think about decorating your tree, then putting up your Christmas decorations early might actually make you happier! And if you need something to listen to while you do it, Warm 106.9 (the wonderful radio station that makes this podcast possible) streams Christmas music all year !

Looking for a way to get in the holiday spirit early? Heather wants to encourage everyone to knit a blanket or hat for an animal shelter or hospital or to volunteer and a homeless shelter or food bank. Want to take that a little bit further? Ask for gift cards for Christmas and then donate them to local shelters or the homeless. Cliff also recommends as a cool way to use microloans to help people better their lives.

Finally, why would you make a gingerbread house when you could make a Cadbury Cottage! This adorable Christmas cottage is made of incredible Cadbury chocolate, which everyone knows beats gingerbread any day. It looks like it might only be available in the UK, but Cliff is talking to some elves to see what we can do about that! For now, you'll just have to ask Santa (or hope you have a friend that can buy one from their website and ship it to you!)

The night jock and digital guy from Seattle’s Christmas Station, The New Warm 106.9, are soooo Xtra. Around here, it's always Christmas, and Heather & Cliff are there for it. From holiday scented deodorant to high tech festive décor, join them on the 25th of each month (and even more in December) all things Christmas!

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