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Sending Love to Kids in the Hospital

Childs Created Homemade Greeting Card. A Little Girl And Boy Pai

Here is a great project for your family, or classroom. Making Valentine’s day cards for kids in Children’s hospital. 

Thank you for considering making cards for our patient’s. Cards are a wonderful way to bring cheer and offer a

distraction to children, young adults and their families who are staying in the hospital. Messages should contain

general uplifting message and refrain from messages such as ‘Get Well’, ‘Feel Better’ or anything medical and

pertaining to the hospital. Some patients suffer from medical conditions that are chronic, life-long, progressive

and/or terminal. Messages should focus on the child as a whole, rather than their illness.

Children’s welcomes people all cultures, beliefs, religions and for these reasons ask that messages and artwork be generic

and nonspecific to all who may receive one.


Since we do not yet know the child’s name, please make sure that cards are not addressed to a specific person. Here
are some suggestions:
“Hey there”
“To: a very special person”
Uplifting message can include
You are awesome
YOU are amazing
You rock
You shine brighter than the sun
You inspire me
I believe in YOU
Thinking of you
Sending you Sunny Smiles
Just want to say Hi
Hope to brighten your day
Wishing you the best
Pictures and drawings should reflect these themes as well.


Cards can be made with crayons and paper or more elaborate supplies such as stickers, stamps, ribbons, etc. Glitter
and buttons are not recommended as they can be a safety hazard for some children.
Please do not include personal information such as phone numbers, address, email address etc. We are unable to
distribute cards with this information. It fine to sign your first name on the card. (Please do not add your last name).
Overall, be as creative as you’d like and Have Fun!

Deliver or mail your items to: Seattle Children’s Hospital, Volunteer Services
4800 Sand Point Way NE, M/S RC.3.820 Seattle WA 98105.
Located on River Entrance, Level 3.
Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm

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