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Seattle’s Top Spots for Vegan Chow

Our city has a well-deserved reputation for diversity and inclusivity, and that certainly includes the range of foods on offer. Two years ago, in The Year of the Vegan, PETA published its list of the top ten vegan cities across the United States, and Seattle was right in there, rubbing shoulders with Los Angeles, New York City and those other big guys.

Over the subsequent years, the vegan scene in Seattle has become even stronger and more diverse. No longer just a necessity for those with ethical objections to animal products or medical-based dietary needs, vegan is a healthy and most important of all tasty food choice that anyone can enjoy. For those with varied tastes, it is just another great food option to add to an already extensive list in this great city.

Vegan catering at home

One benefit of veganism entering the mainstream is that the carnivores among us are no longer so terrified of the concept. There was a time when the thought of creating a menu for vegans meant leaving out the meat and just giving them the vegetables. Fortunately for everyone, the internet is now full of imaginative vegan dishes that anyone can try, and high street stores are packed full of vegan ingredients.  

This means that you can create a home made vegan dish that can be every bit as imaginative as any other type of cuisine, such as Indian, Chinese or Italian. Best of all, great vegan food can draw on all these influences, or even adopt a fusion style that takes its cues from across the globe.

Vegan Dining on the Streets of Seattle

The diverse possibilities that vegan cuisine presents are without doubt part of the reason that Seattle has such a great reputation. Here are just a few examples of some of Seattle’s vegan eateries. How many have you checked out? And what others do you think should be added to the list?

·         Plum Bistro – the perfect example of a vegan restaurant that is just as popular with meat eaters, this bistro on 12th Avenue only uses produce that is vegan, organic and locally sourced. Try the vegan mac and cheese, you’ll never look back!

·         Cafe Flora – nestled away on East Madison Street, Cafe Flora has been a mainstay of Seattle’s vegan scene since it first opened its doors in 1981. Its cosy atmosphere, welcoming staff and imaginative menu make it as popular today as ever.

·         Mighty-O Donuts – so vegan food is all about being healthy and boring, right? Try telling that to the guys at Mighty-O’s. Vegans and non-vegans alike queue out of the door to get their hands on what are arguably the tastiest donuts in all of Seattle.

·         Pizza Pi  – further evidence that vegan comfort food is something we can all enjoy. Scrumptious pizza, fabulous dips, all washed down with delicious root beer. Seriously, what’s not to like?

Home or away, fine dining or pizza and donuts, the Seattle vegan scene is turning the whole concept of veganism on its head. Suddenly, it’s those who have not  given it a try that are the ones with the limited culinary experience – so get out there and grab yourself some delicious vegan chow today.

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