Taylor Shellfish Farms top 5 places seattle
Taylor Shellfish Farms

Seattle’s Top 5 Places to get Oysters!

Oysters can be polarizing.  There’s the “Oyster people” who can tell the difference between the slippery little suckers and then there’s the “not Oyster people” who think they’re all slimy and snot-like.  This is the place for the “Oyster People” (although, perhaps you “not Oyster people” could be turned into and “Oyster person” if you visit one of the best Oyster spots in town!

Thus, we present, the Top 5 Places to get Oysters in Seattle! (Click on pics for website)

5.  Shuckers Oyster bar located in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Shuckers is known for their amazing selection of Oysters. That mixed with the old-bar style of the place, gives you the feeling of quaint, cozy comfort. “Boasting the beautifully carved oak paneling and unique tin ceiling of the haberdashery it once was in the 1930’s, Shuckers is one of Seattle’s oldest and most pre-eminent oyster bars.”

4.  Elliott’s Oyster House– Seattle Waterfront

Elliott’s has the view and the Oysters! In fact, you can see all the Oysters for yourself on what we will call the Oyster Wall of Fame!  An easy pop in while you’re enjoying the waterfront!

Elliott's Oyster House Seattle Top 5 Places
Elliott’s Oyster House (photo courtesy of Sozinho Imagery)

3.  Frank’s Oyster House & Champagne Parlor– U Village

Frank’s serves up Oysters and Champagne, it’s in their name; need we say more? Ok, if we must!  Frank’s is a tried and true local fave. Think old school & cozy, with modern touches. The Oysters are served on a wood plank and the Champagne is cold and bubbly!

Franks Oyster House & Champagne Parlor Seattle Top 5
Frank’s Oyster House & Champagne Parlor (Photo by Dorothée Brand)


2. Taylor Shellfish– Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square, Queen Anne & Bellevue

Taylor Shellfish has been farming high quality shellfish in the PNW since the 1890’s and now you can experience all of the fresh goodness at anyone of their 4 Puget Sound Oyster Bars 5 generations later!  In case it isn’t obvious, they’re family owned and a local hit among seafood aficionados, aka, the place is always packed, but for good reason!

Taylor Shellfish Farms top 5 places seattle
Taylor Shellfish Farms

1.The Walrus & The Carpenter– Ballard

The Walrus & The Carpenter has Oysters grown specifically for chef Renee Erickson, does it get any better? Make sure you try the Lil Moons when you get that coveted table!  The Walrus & The Carpenter has gained a ton of press coverage & well-deserved accolades, but, has a no-reservations policy, so the small restaurant is hard to get into, but well worth it!

The Walrus and the Carpenter seattle top 5 places
The Walrus & The Carpenter (photo courtesy of Bill Weise)




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