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Seattle’s Top 5 Haunts!

The time has come! It’s Halloween season and that means, it’s time to get the living you-know-what scared out of you!  Ok, maybe not that drastic, but every enjoys the little extra spooky factor that October brings.

Seattle is home to quite a few haunted places, so if you’re looking to up the creepy factor this year, check out Seattle’s Top 5 Haunts, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

#5- The Moore Theatre

Taking in a concert or comedy show at the Moore Theatre is a must, just don’t be frightened by the odd activity you may encounter! One of the chairs in the balcony smells like cigar smoke, even after reupholstering. Many claim it’s the former owner, who refuses to leave.  Paranormal investigators have captured singing, heavy breathing, and even what sounds like applause on EVP devices and shadowy figures have been reported in the Moore as well.

#4- Hotel Andra

This swanky downtown hotel has  quite the history and quite the paranormal presence.  Some report jazz blasting from the ninth floor accompanied by noises of breaking glass, but the noise is immediately silenced when anyone ventures to the ninth floor to investigate.  Another frequent occurrence is the sighting of a woman wearing 1930s clothing. She commonly appears when guests are laying in bed and disappears once she’s been spotted. She is believed to be a former hotel employee who fell to her death from a hotel window in the 1960s.

#3- Canterbury Ale House

The Canterbury dates back to the early 1900’s and features the ghost of a man who was killed during a bar fight in 1978.  His ghost is sometimes seen in the mirror near the fireplace, the location of his death. A bartender claimed that the jukebox played a song on its own when he was closing down the bar.

#2- Sorrento Hotel

The Sorrento looms large and makes for the perfect setting for one of the most haunted places in Seattle.  According to claims by staff members and guests of the hotel Alice likes to hang around the fourth floor, often seen wearing white and particularly around room 408. She is also known to wear black on occasion and has been seen moving silently down the dark hallways making lights flicker as she goes.

Sorrento Hotel Seattle Top 5 Haunts Most Haunted
Sorrento Hotel

#1- Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Seattle Top 5 Haunts Haunted Seattle
Pike Place Market

Some contribute the hauntings to the belief the market was built on Indian burial ground.

One of the most famous ghosts to continue to haunt the Market is Princess Angeline. She was the daughter of Chief Seattle of the Duwamish tribe.  She continued to live in a cabin in what is now part of the market. Despite the Treaty of Point Elliot of 1855 that ordered her tribe to leave she didn’t leave.

Some of the most haunted places in and around the market:

Kells Irish Pub & Restaurant- If you’re looking for good food & spirits (and not just the liquid kind), Kells is the best spot around!  It’s been called the most haunted bar in America! It makes sense, given the backstory: The Butterworth Building used to be a mortuary and Kells is in the basement- in fact the entrance is actually the door the corpses were delivered through. While many ghosts are said to appear here, the two most consistent sightings are the little red hair girl (who has reportedly tried to get children visiting the restaurant to play with her) and Charlie, who is said to appear in the bar’s Guinness mirror. Stop in for a pint or two and you might make some new friends!

Kells Irish Pub Seattle Top 5 Haunts Pike Place Market Haunted Seattle
Kells Irish Pub (photo courtesy of Kells Irish Pub & Restaurant)

Can Can– Tales from the Can Can include a neighbor who said his daughter used to talk to a young apparition that would appear outside her window and a creepy tale from a former bartener- “One night, a bartender at the Can Can blew out all the candles, went out for a smoke, and came back in to find all the candles lit again.”

Il Bistro– Glasses have been known to go flying off the shelves behind the bar for no reason here. Some say there’s a ghost who lives in the mirror in the dining room and likes to show up in photographs that you only notice later. There’s also apparently a lady who floats through the hallway. Reports of thrown glassware and cutlery have surfaced from Il Bistro as well.

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